Togepi takes centre stage


Hey hey crochet lovers. My next creation was very much inspired by my younger days watching the Pokemon Indigo League cartoon. Togepi was a cute, pocket-sized enigma in the cartoon and just too adorable to overlook when it came to crochet.

I believe this pattern arose from an official Pokemon crochet book, which adds an extra special authenticity to the proceedings. It’s not the simplest pattern I’ve tackled though, and I’m glad I didn’t attempt it before honing my skills. Mastering the cracked shell frill tackles a little work, and Togepi’s pointy crown was even tougher.

The pattern itself provides some templates for felt shapes to add to Togepi’s shell, which many will find very helpful. Needless to say I opted for needle-felting these elements, but the templates were still very helpful.

All in all, I was extremely pleased how this one turned out and he’s just so cuddly.


Yarn: White cotton DK yarn, beige wool

Hook: 3.5mm

Togepi’s crown is a little complicated to construct but so effective

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