Danger! Danger! High voltage! It’s Voltorb and Electrode

Hey hey crochet lovers. With so many Pokemon to choose from, I’ll take inspiration where I can get it to guide me to my next project. The last makes off my hook were a family of Christmas gnomes, and the red and white cotton I used for those was really nice to work with. Electrode and Voltorb were the perfect pair to pick to keep using the white and red cotton, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super quick to make either.

Electrode and Voltorb lent a hand with the Christmas decorating by powering the fairly lights

The Voltorb pattern is another from Linda Potts, AKA Wolfdreamer, who has designed a fabulous range of Pokemon. I find her patterns work up easily and look great, so I’d well recommend them. Not that you can go far wrong with a sphere though…

Voltorb is a quick make with just a little needle-felting required

For Electrode, I simply added a few extra increase rows to the Voltorb pattern to create a larger sphere. As my increases are still much neater than my decreases, I swapped the yarn colours round too, so I could keep the neat rows in white where they would be most visible.

Electrode is a bigger and cheekier version of the Voltorb pattern

Pattern: Voltorb pattern from http://www.wolfdreameroth.com/2009/04/voltorb.html

Yarn: Red, white and black Patons DK cotton

Hook: 3.5mm

Bad to the bone… It’s Cubone

Hey hey crochet lovers. Take a browse through a Pokédex and you’ll find some strange back stories behind a few of the little fellows. Cubone has one of the saddest stories and tells of a Pokemon pining for its mother and weeping in memory when it looks at the moon. Some even say Cubone wears the skull of its own mother in memory.

Needless to say it’s cheery and whimsical details like these that made me choose Cubone for my next life study.

Is it a Cubone or a Charmander?

This was a delightful pattern to work on and has a lovely shape to it. Part way through it bears a striking resemblance to a Charmander, but once the tail spikes and skull slip in place, there’s no denying it’s a Cubone.

Pattern: $5 from https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cubone-pokemon

Yarn: russet and grey DK wool, cream cotton DK

Hook: 3.5mm

Go big or go home… It’s Snorlax

Hey hey crochet lovers. This latest update has been a long time coming but I’m super proud to bring you the one, the only… Snorlax. It took me a full month to crochet Snorlax from start to finish, and that was with a few stops in between to finish some smaller pieces.

Testing out the first addition to the Cuddle Collection

For this latest critter, I stepped things up considerably from my usual palm-sized Pokemon. I like to think of Snorlax as part of the Cuddle Collection, and his special move – hug – is certainly effective.

My biggest Pokemon makes friends with my smallest

Pattern: http://www.miahandcrafter.com/atelier/snorlax-pattern/

Yarn: Patons navy, white and cream cotton DK

Hook: 3.5mm

A festive crochet interlude

Hey hey Christmas elves. I’ve taken a little break from beavering away on Pokemon to crochet a few festive fellows for our team at work.

To create a Scandinavian wonderland, I whipped up a range of cute little festive gnomes, using a pattern from https://missneriss.com/2015/12/03/crochet-christmas-gnome/ – I created a few that were pretty true to the original pattern then mixed it up with a lady gnome, a striped hat and a few larger friends.

Rufus the Reindeer pattern from Crochet Now 22

To finish off the set, I turned to the latest issue of Crochet Now magazine and an adorable pattern for Rufus the Reindeer by Tracey Coldwell. This issue comes with a Brian the Bear yarn kit and Rufus is one of the alternative makes for the kit in the magazine. I swapped out the green yarn for his jumper with some spare white and grey yarn from the gnomes.

The finished Rufus the Reindeer


Can I get a Woop, Woop! It’s Wooper

Hey hey crochet lovers. My apparent obsession with water type Pokemon continues with my next creation – the adorable, if a little dopey looking, Wooper.

Wooper joins the water type family

This isn’t my most impressive bit of needle-felting – I don’t know why one simple smile proved so challenging. At least his little axolotol antennae worked out well.

Say hello to Wooper

Pattern: http://www.wolfdreameroth.com/2010/06/wooper-plushie.html

Yarn: Patons blue DK cotton plus a little dark blue and mauve yarn

Hook: 3.5mm

Bugging out with Venonat

Hey hey crochet lovers. Sometimes the right yarn demands a Pokemon be made. Hunting through the amazing range at my local yarn store – Abakhan in Manchester – I happened upon this amazing purple eyelash yarn from King Cole. It’s colour and delicately fluffy texture are a perfect starting point for a Venonat.

Did someone order a ball of fluff?

The King Cole Moments yarn was easier to work with then I expected, and it gets quite warm in the hand when you’re working with it.

How can a bug be so cute?

It’s funny how his simple  features manage to convey so much cheeky character. In fact, I was so charmed by him I mad him a little shiny friend…

I loved the yarn so much I made a smaller shiny Venonat

Pattern: http://nathalienuisement.wixsite.com/mylittlecuteamis/single-post/2016/09/19/PokemonGo-CrochetGo-048-Venonat-Mimitoss-free-amigurumi-crochet-pattern

Yarn: King Cole Moments in purple plus pink, white and beige DK yarn

Hook: 3.5mm

Twinkle, twinkle Omastar

Hey hey crochet lovers. It’s back to the water we go for the next tiny creation, and this one is particularly tiny. It was one of the quickest makes I think I’ve done, even with his little tentacles and horns. I needed something I could finish at this point as I was mid way through a very intensive and hefty make, which I’ll be revealing very soon,

Omastar is so tiny he makes Igglybuff look big!

Needle-felting the features onto such a small face was particularly challenging, and the star-shaped mouth gets a bit lost under his body but I swear it is there!

Though he may be but small, Omastar has a big personality.

Pattern: $3.99 from https://www.etsy.com/listing/457579946/omastar-amigurumi-crochet-pattern

Yarn: blue and cream cotton DK

Hook: 3.5mm

A Staryu is born

Hey hey crochet lovers. With so many Pokemon to choose from, where do you even start with trying to crochet them all? I thought I’d try to focus on the original Kanto 250 for a while and Staryu seemed like one that wouldn’t take too long to pull together. And I don’t know why but I seem to find myself drawn to water and grass types.

My growing complement of water babies

This was a quick make and one of the few I’ve made that doesn’t have any needle felting at all.

Pokemon buddies

Pattern: Free from Samantha Gibbs at https://xxbyamomentx.tumblr.com/post/149959770892/staryu-amigurumi-direct-pdf-download

Yarn: Sirdar orange, red and yellow cotton DK

Hook: 3.5mm

Taking it slow… Slowbro

Hey hey crochet lovers. Back when I started crocheting Pokemon my skills were pretty basic and there were some characters I never thought I would have been able to tackle.

Slowbro is one of those that was on the ‘too hard’ list for a long time but I’m pleased I’ve got to the point were I’m that bit more fearless. This is still quite a complex make, with lots of individual elements and essentially two full characters in one – punchy pink Slowbro and the grizzly grey Shellder biting down on Slowbro’s tail.

Slowbro in pieces, ready to be sewn up

It’s quite satisfying watching all the pieces of a new character coming together, and with Slowbro there are a lot of pieces to connect.

A Shellder in progress or a jaunty hat?

This Slowbro pattern is a commercial design, so there’s a small cost involved but I think it’s worth it for the level of detail and the clear instructions it offers.

Pattern: $5.99 from Eugene Lau – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/470512752/pdf-pattern-slowbro

Yarn – pink, peach, cream and grey DK yarn, white, back, pink and red roving for needle-felting

Hook: 3.5mm