Danger! Danger! High voltage! It’s Voltorb and Electrode

Hey hey crochet lovers. With so many Pokemon to choose from, I’ll take inspiration where I can get it to guide me to my next project. The last makes off my hook were a family of Christmas gnomes, and the red and white cotton I used for those was really nice to work with. Electrode and Voltorb were the perfect pair to pick to keep using the white and red cotton, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super quick to make either.

Electrode and Voltorb lent a hand with the Christmas decorating by powering the fairly lights

The Voltorb pattern is another from Linda Potts, AKA Wolfdreamer, who has designed a fabulous range of Pokemon. I find her patterns work up easily and look great, so I’d well recommend them. Not that you can go far wrong with a sphere though…

Voltorb is a quick make with just a little needle-felting required

For Electrode, I simply added a few extra increase rows to the Voltorb pattern to create a larger sphere. As my increases are still much neater than my decreases, I swapped the yarn colours round too, so I could keep the neat rows in white where they would be most visible.

Electrode is a bigger and cheekier version of the Voltorb pattern

Pattern: Voltorb pattern from http://www.wolfdreameroth.com/2009/04/voltorb.html

Yarn: Red, white and black Patons DK cotton

Hook: 3.5mm

Pika pika – it’s Pikachu!

Hey hey crochet lovers. I hope you and all the cuddly creatures in your life are keeping well. My next little friend is a critter I created for another little friend in my life – one of my good friend’s lovely Pokemon-loving daughters. The challenge was to create her favourite Pokemon for Christmas and needless to say, what little girl doesn’t love Pikachu.

There are a lot of Pikachu patterns out there – seriously there are so many! – but I’m really happy with the one I choose, as it’s very true to Pikachu’s proportions and was well written and easy to follow. To give his tail some structure and keep the lightning bolt sharpness, I sandwiched the two layers of yarn with a little Soft and Stable bag interfacing in the middle.

The great news is that the recipient absolutely loved her new friend – complete with needle-felted Pokeball. I’m so pleased I could be a little part of her Christmas.

Pattern: FREE from http://www.wolfdreameroth.com/2009/03/psyduck-with-pattern.html

Yarn: Yellow and black DK cotton

Hook: 3.5mm

Finished size: 25cm high

Pikachu had a memorable farewell party before heading off to his new home