A new friend hatches… It’s Igglybuff


Hey hey crochet lovers. I’m celebrating my crocheted Pokemon anniversary this month – it’s a full year since I hooked up my first little friend, Bulbasaur. In those 12 months I’ve learned so much, improved my skills and even put together my first pattern. There have been many more projects created than I’ve blogged here so far, so I really need to spend some time catching up, as you’ve only seen about half of the little fellas I’ve crocheted so far.

This tiny fella is one of the quickest makes I’ve had the pleasure of producing so far – he’s basically just a collection of balls and a couple of simple feet and arms – but he packs a lot of character into his tiny form. Igglybuff – the baby form of Jigglypuff – really showcases the needle-felting, which brights his bright cartoony features to life. Don’t they make a lovely pair?

Pattern: http://katscreations.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Igglybuff

Yarn: Soft pink cotton DK

Hook: 3.5mm

Igglybuff is a tiny toy but quick to create and a super chance to needle felt cartoon features


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