Bugging out with Venonat

Hey hey crochet lovers. Sometimes the right yarn demands a Pokemon be made. Hunting through the amazing range at my local yarn store – Abakhan in Manchester – I happened upon this amazing purple eyelash yarn from King Cole. It’s colour and delicately fluffy texture are a perfect starting point for a Venonat.

Did someone order a ball of fluff?

The King Cole Moments yarn was easier to work with then I expected, and it gets quite warm in the hand when you’re working with it.

How can a bug be so cute?

It’s funny how his simple  features manage to convey so much cheeky character. In fact, I was so charmed by him I mad him a little shiny friend…

I loved the yarn so much I made a smaller shiny Venonat

Pattern: http://nathalienuisement.wixsite.com/mylittlecuteamis/single-post/2016/09/19/PokemonGo-CrochetGo-048-Venonat-Mimitoss-free-amigurumi-crochet-pattern

Yarn: King Cole Moments in purple plus pink, white and beige DK yarn

Hook: 3.5mm

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