Cheeky Chespin takes the stage

Chespin says hi
Chespin says hi

Hey hey crochet fans. Up to now all the Pokemon I’ve brought to life in yarn have been from the first generation but having watched the cartoons a lot, I’ve got some firm favourites among the later generations too. None more so than the adorably cheeky Chespin – the spiny nut Pokemon, and a perfect project for Autumn.

Chespin's body takes shape
Chespin’s body takes shape

The pattern I followed is a paid-for one by Amanda L. Girão but it’s worth the cost, as it’s very well presented with helpful step-by-step photos for key elements, along with clear instructions. It’s a more complicated pattern than most in terms of colour work, especially when constructing the body, as there are a lot of green and beige ends to weave in.


It’s when I add the needle-felted features that crocheted creatures really spring to life. Chespin’s bright, cheery face is a great one to work with through needle-felting, as his features are over the top and cartoony, which felting captures so well.

Chespin's cap and tail add cute detail to this little fellow
Chespin’s cap and tail add cute detail to this little fellow

Pattern: $4.74 from

Yarn: Rico Essentials Cotton DK in green, orange, brown and white & DMC Woolly DK Merino wool

Hook: 3.5mm

Finished size: 20cm tall

Chespin joins the Pokemon family

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