Baby Eevee says hi!

Baby Eevee

Hey hey, crochet fans. After completing Evelyn Pham’s adorable Bulbasaur Pokemon pattern I couldn’t wait to get stuck into another. Of all the options available I just couldn’t pass up on Eevee – it’s just so cute!!!

I didn’t have the right yarn to get started on the little fella and finding the right colour in cotton proved tricky – instead I ended up with a super soft Merino wool in a soft cookie dough colour. It was a dream to hook with and the finished toy is wonderfully cuddly. It works for Eevee but I wouldn’t be keen to use wool again for Pokemon amigurumi as it’s too stretchy and doesn’t keep the shaping as well.

After my experience with Bulbasaur I thought I’d be a bit more adventurous with needle-felting this time and used wool roving for Eevee’s tail, fluffy mane, inner ears and features. His eyes are maybe a little small but I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve come out – so cute! Creating anime eyes is so much easier and more effective with needle-felting, so definitely give it a go.


Yarn: DMC Woolly DK Merino wool

Hook: 3.5mm

Finished size: 30cm long x 10cm tall

Bulbasaur couldn't wait for his new friend Eevee to hatch
Bulbasaur couldn’t wait for his new friend Eevee to hatch
Baby Eevee and baby Bulbasaur
Baby Eevee and baby Bulbasaur

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